Incaption Free Security Pre-Assessment


How Does It Work?

We offer a Free No Strings Attached Security Pre-Assesment that is hassle free so that you can get a true feel for your security stance and vulnerabilities 

Threat Assessment Report

We will provide you with a Pre-Vulnerability Assessment & Pen Testing Report

We Include

Risk levels of security vulnerabilities can be classified using Severity metrics.  Severity levels assigned to the vulnerability depends on the  impact to the organization, should the vulnerability exploited and the complexity or difficulty level involved in exploiting the vulnerability.  Vulnerability exploit may result in to the sensitive information leakage, impacting the business continuity, compromise of network or  critical assets like servers or implantation of malware/ransomware on user machines.

Severity levels are based on the impact on the device being assessed and the organization and are measured by High, Medium and Low.

In addition we provide a very easy to read  vulnerability dashboard and Executive Summay


Should we find something that you are concerned with, Incaption can help to resolve it with remediation services, ongoing monitoring and support


Q: How long does it take to get my free report?

A: It varies, but we will work with you in a very timely manner to get this in your hands as quickly as possible

Q: You say no strings attached, but there has to be a catch?

A: No catch, we provide this free as it is a way for us to introduce you to our service and there is never any pressure to buy anything or continue to work with us going forward

Incaption CyberSecurity Services


Incaption Cybersecurity Bundled Services


Incaption Networking and Security Provides Some Of the Most Comprehensive Cybersecurity Services in the Industry that includes an end to end integrated solution in a single convenient bundle

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Free Security Pre-Assessment


If you are unsure if you need Cybersecurity as a service ,pen testing or penetration testing let us do a FREE Pre-Assessment Security Assessment for you to discover your Cybersecurity Posture

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Security Assessment


Module 1 In Bundle or Available A la carte

Includes full security posture, assessment on external hosted applications and overall compliance

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FireSecure-Firewall Assessment


Module 2 In Bundle or Available A la carte

A unique firewall assessment, auditing, compliance checks, policy management, hardening and remediation 

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Module 3 In Bundle or Available A la carte

Proactive monitoring, reporting, alerting, threat intelligence, breach detection, incident response and change management 

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Vulnerability and Penetration Testing


Module 4 In Bundle or Available A la carte

Total discovery of network vulnerability assessment, finding exploits and penetration testing with recommended remediation 

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Module 5 In Bundle or Available A la carte

Campaigns to check employee phishing awareness, trainings

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Let Us Get You Secure


Whether you need our complete bundle of Cybersecurity Services or just a few modules, let us help you so you can be sure about your network security and quit just hoping you are safe

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